Qummunicate Inc.


Interior Design

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Qummunicate is a full service design firm focusing on residential architecture and interiors. Our projects range from new-build construction, additions to existing homes and interior alterations. We work to transpose our clients needs into spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

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Our team understands the integration of architecture and interior design. We work toward creating spaces that are classic and timeless.

We assist our clients at all levels of the design and renovation process including:

- architectural design and interior space planning 

- building permit and Committee of Adjustment drawings and applications

- millwork and furniture design and drawings

- art, fabric, furniture, finishes and colour selections 


We believe a beautiful space encompasses both function and comfort. Incorporating light and dark with the modern and the antique, we create homes that combine juxaposing elements effortlessly. 


The ideal home incorporates function, natural light as well as its surrounding vistas to both the interior and exterior. In collaboration with the homeowners each space becomes profoundly unique.


Classic spaces with a hit of the contemporary is a hallmark of Qummunicate Inc. 

Remodeling and Home Design